January 1st, 2011

My Lips Are Broken

Posted by natdavauer in EV, parenting

After getting EV ready for bed and tucking her in, I came back into the room for a good-night kiss. It’s hard to over state the simple bliss of your daughter giving you a good-night kiss. If all the criminals in the world had a sweet, beautiful little girl to kiss them good-night, there would probably be a lot fewer criminals in the world.

Anyway, as I leaned in and requested my kiss, EV says,

“I can’t.”

“you can’t?” I reply. “Why not?”

“My lips are broken. I broke my lips. I slipped on the ice and my lips are broken.”

I was going to debate this to get my crime-negating kiss, but I decided it was such a well put and logical reason if not at all true in any way. Hopefully they heal soon.