March 19th, 2006

30 and Over

Posted by natdavauer in Around the World

Today I was approached by some English students doing a survey. The survey regarded the qualitative difference between McDonalds and KFC. Begining with the easy: “Which one do you prefer?” To the much more difficult: “Which one has a more polite and efficient restroom cleaning staff?” Makes me wonder just who’s running this English class.

It was tough to answer honestly all the way through the 10 to 12 question poll. I wanted to pretend that I never eat at either of these establishments and to be certain, I actually disdain their corporate greed based business strategies. How dare you even ask me such questions? But I also know that I’ve eaten at McDonalds many times in the past month based on my own selfish greed based hunger strategy.

As a side note, I actually wanted to take the quiz just for pure spite. You see, we ate at KFC in Shanghai one day because we wanted some fried chicken and lo, there was the gigantic “Family Meal Deal” illuminated on the menu in all it’s ten-gallon-pail-of-meat grotesqueness. It was even pretty affordable, a down right bargain actually considering how much chicken you got. Would have been a bargain anyway if they had considered giving us anywhere near how much chicken was in the picture. So we bashed KFC in the survey giving every point to McDonalds. Not that they deserve any, but we were really looking forward to a lot of chicken that day.

KFC incorporated ruined and McDonalds poised to open another couple billion restaurants, the survey came to an end. Before I was free to go however, they needed one piece of information… my age. There were just three boxes to check here: 16 to 21, 21 to 29 and 30 and over. I’m assuming that anyone under the age of 16 already works for one of the two contenders and doesn’t count. I, being the honest person I am, checked the appropriate box. That’s right, I am now the box that represents the last phase of life. Clearly, there are all sorts of things that happen before 30 that affect your opinions, but once you’re 30 and over, it seems to mean that you’re 30 and it’s over.

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