November 9th, 2008

Exclusive: Fatherhood Discovered!

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The most amazing thing happened to me recently. I was going about my business of life as I knew it like most of the others around me and then it happened. I kinda saw it coming a ways off but it still hit me like a lightning bolt out of the blue. Indeed, like Ben Franklin himself I think I’ve discovered something about the world that’s going to be huge.

I’m sure there will be some out there that insist I didn’t invent this phenomenon, that they had heard of and possibly experienced this already. It’s hard to believe though because it feels so profound to me, I think this must be a unique occurrence. I want the masses to be able to enjoy my discovery so in the interest of the world at large, I will reveal the secret on this widely viewed public forum.

Becoming a dad is absolutely most amazing thing that has ever happened.  There have been other landmarks of course involving moons and walking on them and most recently a particular man becoming president but this, believe it or not, is more amazing. I called the papers and for some reason they didn’t want to run the headline: Man discovers fatherhood. I suppose they think people might not be impressed.

That’s just it though… becoming a father is personal. There are millions and millions of kids but I am this one’s dad. From my perspective this is the only kid on Earth and thankfully I get to be her daddy.  It’s like my own personal expedition to the Moon and I get to be Neil. Each moment is a revelation. She slept! She burped! She stuck out her tongue because I stuck out my tongue! Eureka!

I suppose as time goes on it will seem normal to have a kid. Things won’t make headlines nor will I want them too. Exclusive: Teenage girl talks on iphone for 6 hours and doesn’t do her homework. But here at the beginning, I feel like Galileo must have felt. Ah ha! So this is what it’s all about. A man’s life revolves around his daughter not his job, his stock portfolio or his car.

Work is easier because I know why I need some money. Success isn’t important because it could never compare. Things… well they’re just things and they always will be, but this… this is Evelyn. That’s why I do what I do now. That’s why I live. That my friends is the secret to life. I share it with you all for two reasons: One, I want you to make this discovery and two, I want Evie to have some friends.

Scientific Proof of Ground-breaking Discovery

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  1. Sky said,
    on December 5th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    I read this a few times and each time the smile on my face grew.
    I discovered motherhood 30 months ago (although I have a 21 month old motherhood was discovered the day the first trimester)
    Parenthood doesn’t just change you it defines you. Your purpose feels more rich and wholesome. Work is still work and even if you absolutely love your job you can’t wait to get home.
    Comparing it to an expedition to the moon is perfect. The daily revelations are what my life is made of. Laughter and discovery are in every moment.
    Getting to experience childhood again is priceless and all I can say to you is it only gets better. Each stage and each new thing feels more fulfilling and seems more amazing. 21 months in and it’s the best time of my life (although so was 20 months and 15 months)

    enjoy life as a father, sharing the trials of parenting with your wife and your beautiful little girl.

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