May 11th, 2006

I’ll Be Here

Posted by natdavauer in Around the World

“Where are the Davauers?” you ask.

“Probably on a beach somewhere” I answer.

“What beach?” you ask.

Well, thanks to our friends at The Internet as well as Google, you can now login and see for yourself. All of those satellites, fiber-optics and mice have come together to show you exactly where we are at any given moment. Well, not exactly I guess. It’s more like a big blob on a tiny map. We could be out for a walk, at the The Hoffmassage parlor or well… you know. Let’s say you can see where we are - within a appropriate radius given a midwesterner’s respect for personal space - at any given moment. Located on the right side menu of this site is a little map of the world with dots all over it. You can mouse-over the dots and click on them, the latter will take you to our travel blog (yes I know, my name is Nat and I am a blogaholic).

Please don’t use Davauer Global Positioning Technology to plan any air strikes, ambushes or jumping out of the bushes to say “BOO!” missions. Try to stick to appropriate uses of this technology such as: food/resupply drops and surprise birthday parties. Remember, DGPT is not a right, it’s a privilege.

Now you can sing the praises of Mitch Buchanan and friends…

‘Cause I’m always there. I won’t let you out of my sight.
I’ll be there–never you fear. I’ll be there–forever and always.
I’m always here.

And remember, don’t Hassle my Hoff.

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