May 15th, 2006


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There were nights I sat in a chair and stared out the windows of our country porch. Especially when the rain was¬ distorting the familiar landscape of our big front yard, I could be found sitting in a chair watching. County Road DG wasn’t a busy road and when headlights pricked up in the distance though the darkness, so did I.

I don’t remember how may floral displays I was in charge of keeping alive in the land of the dead. My brother and I each had enough to keep us busy for a few hours. We knew¬ our stones by name as well as the location of every water spicket in the graveyard,¬ and we¬ attempted to¬ hone the efficiency of our respective¬ routes with every pass. One of the strongest memories of fear that I have is the day I completely forgot my route.

Eventually, my mom would come home and I could go to bed knowing that she was OK.

My mom told me not to worry, that¬ I would remember my route and I did.

My mom worked very hard at being a great mom and succeeded in every way. What she doesn’t know is that she didn’t have to work very hard. She solved all my problems just being there… there in the garden, bent over with a bandana and dirty gloves on… there in the kitchen listening to the Beatles on late Sunday mornings… there, in old, blurry photographs, smiling back at me.

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  1. Mom said,
    on May 19th, 2006 at 8:23 pm

    That’s so touching…it brings tears to my eyes.
    Strangley enough, days ago I also remembered our watering days.
    must be a mother/son thing. Thanks. Love, Mom

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