November 15th, 2006

Happy Trails Pardner

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George Bush is following in my footsteps.

That’s on one hand sad to say but on the other hopeful that maybe he’ll be more like me some day. This week Dubbya is heading over to Vietnam and stopping in Moscow on the way. Although I’m sure he probably already Hotwired a pretty good deal on Air Force One he really should take the road more traveled (relative to local populations that is).

If George took the train from Moscow to Vietnam he may just learn enough to deserve an ounce of the political power he has.

I suggest that you, George, take the train home at least. Don’t be afraid of the people of the world being angry with you. They are of course, but when riding the pine next to them for days on end they probably won’t care too much as long as you accept their offers of homemade vodka etc.

Vote for GeorgeoGet out along the way. You might be surprised that people don’t take you so seriously in… well, pretty much everywhere else in world. Anywhere you aren’t a citizen or waging war anyway. You next to Hitler? Don’t be offended. It’s like a “Vote for Pedro” shirt over there. It’s funny! Although from personal experience, the Osama t-shirts actually out-sell you. Wherever you get off is the center of the world for who ever lives there regardless of if you’re there or not. Midland, Texas is a long way away and Washington D.C. isn’t that much closer.

I hope you learn something from your trip anyway. In my opinion every president should have to have taken a few trips like this before they’re even considered to be written in for leader of the free world. The catch is that the more trips like this you take, the less you would ever want to be president.

So here’s hoping you eat something you’ve never heard of, get pickpocketed and have a beer with someone you can’t understand. You are, after all, the president most people would want to share a beer with.

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