April 7th, 2006


Posted by natdavauer in Around the World

Finally, we got to leave the bitter cold of Siberia as the train snaked into Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia: the coldest capitol on Earth. So much for heading south for the winter. Mongolia was a beautiful country that is still mostly just that - country. There are only a few paved roads around the capitol while the rest of the entire country is off-road territory.

This fact was hard to ignore as our taxi stumbled and skidded across the steppes to our ger camp. It was well worth the trip though because we had a chance to take some real ATV’s for a ride. How do you pass the quiet nights on the Mongolian plain? Why, sheep’s knuckle marbles of course!

Camera batteries froze and LCD’s blurred but the cameras kept going. I’m very happy with many of the pictures especially those from the Buddhist temple. Check out the collection of images on Vitreous Humor.

Well, that’s one more country conquered. Next country.

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